April meant a testing period for most of the development team. We opened the copying feature at the end of March and more than 20 of our regular users have reported bugs during April. Below is a shortlist of the important bugs that we have fixed during this period:

fixed a bug which caused a difference to occur between the set amount and the – actual amount during the initial copying
fixed a bug which caused the set amount to gradually decrease upon starting the copying
fixed a bug which caused small portions or “dust” of cryptocurrencies to remain in your portfolio after copying a trader’s trade
fixed a bug that caused to display “stopped” status for unique trades
fixed a bug that caused to display “API error” messages upon logging in

Currently, a payment system is in development, with most of the functions already working. In the following week, we planning to test the various PayPal payment and subscription options.

Adopting and testing a proper cryptocurrency payment system will soon follow to ensure that we can accept the major cryptocurrencies from all of our users.

The first public release is coming in May. We will keep you updated!