In this post, we would like to spotlight a few advances that we have made with CopyTrader Pro this year.

Feature developments:

RoE (Return on Equity) calculations are properly in place now. All returns on single trades are now displayed correctly. RoE calculations do not function retroactively, virtually starting over the calculations for each trader at the time of the new release.

Issues affecting the balance synchronization between Binance and CopyTrader Pro have been resolved. These issues had only a slight effect on user experience, but they markedly influenced the development processes. With this upgrade, we finally set the proper fundamentals for further developments.

For traders, a new menu choice has been added. The 'My Trader Profile' page functions as a dashboard for all open, closed and historical trades. This page is visible only for those who have already connected their exchange account.

A single trade's page has been revamped. It should display the graph and the position data more in line with the traders' and users' needs.

Major bug fixes

Your available balance and total balance amounts are now displayed correctly after depositing to Binance or withdrawing funds from the exchange.

Fixed a bug that caused to display zero balances with certain coins.

Fixed a bug that caused to skip executing stop-loss orders. All stop-loss and take profit orders should now be executed properly.

Fixed a bug which caused 'Failed to sell' messages upon editing the stop-loss price.

Orders manually canceled on Binance are now properly canceled on CopyTrader.

Beta continues as planned

All the VIPs of our Discord community has now access to the CopyTrader Pro Beta. We plan to open the beta test to an additional wave of testers in the coming months.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has expressed their excitement or has helped us find bugs, or made comments and videos about our application. Your enthusiasm is the reason that we’re making CopyTrader Pro.

We will keep you updated on future developments on this blog.