With the soon-to-be-introduced following and copying features on CopyTrader Pro, we want to make your everyday trading not just easier, but also cheaper.

As part of a Binance kickback program, we are glad to announce that we are paying back 20% of your trading fees. To receive this cashback deal, you have to sign up for Binance with this link or with the referral code ZOGQW8GY.

Do you already have a Binance account? Don’t worry. All you have to do is disable your account and sign up for a new one through our link or referral code. Make sure you withdraw your cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to the new account before finishing disabling. Since the terms of use of Binance do not allow multi-accounting, this is a necessary step to preserve your capital and your access to your funds.

Are you not sure if that’s worth your time? Take a look at your monthly volume on the Binance dashboard. With the volume, you can figure out how much in fees you paid during the last month: it might be 0.1%, 0.075% or less of your trading volume. 20% of that amount will be paid back to your Binance account if you sign up for our deal.

The respective amount of cashback will be credited to your account at the top of every hour.

Sign up with this link or with the referral code ZOGQW8GY.