After a minor delay we have successfully released CopyTrade Pro on 28th of July.

More than a month has passed since and the service is still in an early phase. While the development team is working on streamlining the major features and fixing bugs, in this article we take a look at the most important happenings and updates on our platform.

We have started the journey with four traders, who are ready to be copied. We have been working together with Balage, Keny, Coinhunter and Clockwork for more than a year now. During this time they have played a very important role on our Discord server: as trustworthy traders, they have gained a big following - those people form the very basis of our community.

A subscription system has been implemented. For now, we have decided to go with only one subscription option, where for a set amount of capital, you can copy whichever trader you like best. You can also freely allocate your capital to more than one trader.  The subscription fee is calculated based on your capital and you receive discounts the longer you subscribe.

We have reworked the traders results page. Now you have a graph, where you can follow the traders’ results based on his return on equity.

We have fixed countless bugs!

After a month of going public, our community is now going strong with 65 subscribers.

More updates are coming soon, stay tuned.