We at CopyTrader Pro are tirelessly working on providing you with the best offers on the crypto market. Yes, even if you are a trader. Here's what we offer for traders:

The most trader friendly profit sharing on the market

In short, the more money copies you, the more money you get at the end of each month.

The principle is the following: Your followers copy you with a certain amount of capital. We take this amount and calculate a percentage share out of all the funds that we have on the platform set for copying. Out of all the subscription fees that we collect, you receive the same share of percentage.

For example:

The sum of all funds set for copying all of the traders on CopyTrader Pro is $500,000. The funds that your followers copy you with is $100 000. That's a 20% share in this example.

That means that out of all the subscription fees that we collect, you get 20% of that share. With $500,000 in copying, the estimated subscription fees from all our users are $22 000. At the end of each month, your payout will be 20% of $22 000, which is $4400.

Keep in mind that these numbers serve as an example.

What else is there?

You must be a registrered trader on CopyTrader Pro.

You also have to connect your Binance account to your CopyTrader Pro account. A read API permission is neccessary for it to work, no other permissions are needed.

In order to qualify, you must provide us with a track record of at least 3 months, in the form of a trading journal or a trading history.

After the onboarding period, you  trade on your Binance account like you always do. There is no extra work needed, all you have to do is trade - we take care of the rest.

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